Gastro-twat: a person suffering from an elevated sense of superiority and/or having an obnoxious attitude in relation to the topic of or pertaining to food.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy good food as much as the next person and trying out different eateries has always been on my weekend agenda, but I've become all too aware of the ever growing presence of food wankers. No one likes a know-it-all, least of all someone trying to enjoy their meal.

Gastro-twats don't just limit themselves to being unpleasant company at restaurants, they are invading our kitchens with their unwelcome egos and condescension. Grinding your own spices does not make you the Iron Chef and insulting the cook does not make you Matt Preston. Everyone should feel free to enjoy and experiment with food without fear of ridicule. Going to restaurants should be about savouring the things you choose to order, not being embarrassed by fellow diners because you don't know or like every item on the menu. Likewise, cooking should be an enjoyable past-time, not a stressful performance.

In the light of this, I present to you a blog dedicated to fighting food snobbery, enjoying all foods great and small and bringing a sense of humour back to kitchen cock ups. There will be simple recipes that don't take all day and honest restaurant reviews free from the wank and pretence that is plaguing the food industry. Last but not least, this blog aims to challenge those presenting with gastro-twatism and are of the belief you have to use obscure and expensive ingredients just to cook a good meal. Sometimes ketchup is better than chutney.