Thursday, 2 June 2011

Would You Eat Vomit?

No? Neither would I! What about sperm whale's vomit? Still wouldn't? No, neither. We're probably in the majority but after watching a particularly disturbing episode of Heston's Feasts the other night, I discovered there are people who relish it. Gross.

I don't normally watch Blumenthal's creepy little experiments but there are so many WTF moments, it's almost as absurdly entertaining as Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The ambergris episode was no exception.

Upon revealing his "secret" ingredient (by secret I think he means disgusting), Heston's guests had mixed reactions. Some were simply curious while others were presenting with a serious case of gastro-twatism. One said "I'm not actually bothered because it's expensive" (great reason champ), while another referred to it as "the blingest thing in food... I spit on your caviar."

What a bunch of tossers. Clearly these gastro-twats failed biology and totally missed the whole point of vomit - expelling something from your system. I can think of another creature that eats vomit, a cockroach. If these die-hard foodies want to take dining tips from cockroaches then who am I to object, but let it be known that cockroaches also eat faeces. That's not a suggestion Heston!

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