Friday, 3 June 2011

Heart Attack Grill®

Heart Attack Grill® Nurse

I'm really not sure what to say about this except: Only in America.

The Heart Attack Grill® is a hospital themed restaurant franchise that promotes obesity for fun's sake. Inside the restaurant, customers are "patients", orders are "prescriptions" and waitresses are "nurses".

Menu items include Butterfat Milkshakes®, Flatliner Fries® and the infamous Quadruple Bypass Burger®. "Patients" who successfully finish this burger to end all burgers are pushed in wheelchairs out to their cars. With an estimated 8000 calories, the wheelchair gimmick could very well be a necessary precaution for some diners.

Customers weighing over 350 pounds (160kg) eat for free which understandably has health organisations up in arms but despite the controversy, Heart Attack Grill® is unlikely to change it's ways. At least they're honest about the potential health implications associated with the food they serve!
Heart Attack Grill® Quadruple Bypass Burger
Heart Attack Grill®